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Hello Neighbor Alpha 2 is an exciting alpha version of the popular horror game developed by Dynamic Pixels. This version provides players with a sneak peek into the stealth horror home invasion simulation game, Hello Neighbor. Although it can be considered as a demo, it offers a thrilling experience with its final art, part of the intro, and even a tutorial section.

In Hello Neighbor, players must sneak into their neighbor's house to uncover the dark secrets hidden in the basement. The game combines elements of stealth and horror, challenging players to evade traps and outsmart an advanced, self-learning AI. With sandbox gameplay, players can interact with the environment and experience constantly evolving gameplay as the neighbor's AI learns from their actions.

Hello Neighbor Alpha 2 introduces enhanced features and improvements from previous releases. The game showcases a final art style with impressive details, including depth of field, styled props, and a colorful yet disturbing scenery. Additionally, the AI has been upgraded to detect modifications made without the neighbor's knowledge and can now see around himself when he turns, making it more challenging to sneak up on him.

However, players can still hide from the neighbor by blocking his vision with objects. The alpha version also offers improved stacking and throwing physics, allowing for more realistic interactions. Players can now peek through keyholes by holding the E key on their keyboard, adding another layer of strategy to the gameplay.

The AI's care loop has also been enhanced, with added behaviors such as taking a bath, drinking milk, exercising, and sleeping. This provides players with more opportunities to explore the house while the neighbor is distracted. Additionally, in-game cheats are available for those seeking an extra advantage.

Hello Neighbor Alpha 2 is a fantastic game to try, offering improved physics, additional content, and exciting features. Despite a few glitches that may occur, the overall experience is enjoyable and immersive. So, if you're up for the challenge, try to sneak up on your neighbor and uncover the secrets hidden within his house.

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