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ZArchiver Donate is a powerful file manager mobile app that allows you to easily create and open archive files. Developed by ZDevs, this utility app is the Pro version of the popular ZArchiver, offering additional features while also supporting the developer through a donation.

With ZArchiver, you can compress and extract files in various archive formats such as 7ZIP, ZIP, BZ2, GZ, XZ, LZ4, TAR, and ZSTD. It also supports decompression of formats like RAR, ISO, and WIM. The app allows you to create and open password-protected files, handle multi-part archives, and work with files from email apps. Additionally, it supports split archive files.

ZArchiver Donate offers all the features of the free version, including multithreading support and UTF-8/UTF-16 support for using national symbols in file names. However, it also provides premium functions such as light and dark themes, password storage, image previews, and file editing within archives.

One drawback of ZArchiver Donate is the lack of an in-app tutorial, which may make it less beginner-friendly. However, there are plenty of online resources available to help users navigate the app's interface and learn how to create and open archive files.

Overall, ZArchiver Donate is a highly recommended upgrade for users who enjoyed the free version. Not only does it offer additional features, but purchasing the app also supports its ongoing development for future enhancements. While it may require some initial exploration, this powerful file manager is suitable for users of all levels of expertise.

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