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World Zero is an exciting free open-world role-playing game that takes you on an epic adventure with your loyal pet. In this game, you have the opportunity to choose from various classes, each with unique abilities and skill paths, allowing you to become more powerful as you progress.

Unlike other role-playing games, World Zero is not based on any specific anime or show. Instead, you have the freedom to select a base class at the beginning of the game and further develop it as you explore the vast world. As you level up your skills and increase your rank, new abilities will be unlocked, adding depth and excitement to your gameplay.

One of the highlights of World Zero is the ability to tame pets. While you start with a free pet, you can work towards unlocking and acquiring others. The Pet Master in town offers a variety of pets for sale, but you can also find and tame them in the field. For those up to the challenge, you can even buy eggs and try to hatch them yourself.

Completing missions is crucial for your progression in World Zero. By successfully completing daily, weekly, worldly, and side quests, you will earn experience points and coins, allowing you to level up and improve your character. The game provides clear guidance by displaying arrows and icons to lead you to the quest locations.

World Zero offers a massive open world filled with adventure and opportunities for collaboration. You can team up with other online players to take on animals and enemies, even if you don't defeat them yourself. Striking them in battle will still count in your favor if another player manages to defeat them. Additionally, you can join forces to fight challenging boss battles and keep an eye out for new pets to enhance your gameplay.

Embark on an immersive journey in World Zero and experience the thrill of a vast open world RPG. Choose your class, level up your skills, and explore the wonders that await you. Are you ready to become a legendary hero?

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