UPDATE Blox Fruits May 24, 2023

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Experience an exhilarating new gameplay with the UPDATE Blox Fruits mod for ROBLOX. This free utility allows players to engage in intense battles against other players while also embarking on a thrilling hunt for special fruits. Inspired by the popular manga and anime, One Piece, this mod offers a unique and exciting adventure.

Explore a vast map and scour it for randomly spawning fruits every 60 minutes. These fruits grant players special powers, but be quick as unclaimed fruits will disappear after 20 minutes. Choose wisely which fruits to collect, as each one possesses its own unique abilities and boosters. However, be aware that some fruits have level caps, which may pose a challenge for new players.

UPDATE Blox Fruits provides a fun and refreshing way to enjoy ROBLOX with its direct combat and thrilling hunt for fruits. While some fruits require leveling up before use, you can store them for as long as you need. Discover a whole new level of excitement and strategy with this mod.

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