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TrackMeNot is a powerful Firefox add-on designed to protect your internet privacy by making it harder for keyloggers, data miners, and internet service providers to track your online activities.

Unlike other privacy tools that encrypt your browsing habits, TrackMeNot takes a different approach by confusing potential trackers with fake information. When you perform a search on Google, for example, TrackMeNot generates 'ghost' queries that make it difficult for trackers to extract meaningful data about you.

One of the key features of TrackMeNot is its dynamic query mechanism, which learns from your searches and adapts the ghost queries accordingly. This ensures that the fake search words generated by TrackMeNot are always relevant and effective.

Using TrackMeNot is simple. Once installed, you can easily toggle it on and off via the TMN icon in the bottom toolbar of Firefox. The add-on displays various phrases next to the icon, representing the fake searches it is creating. You also have the option to disable these fake search words in the settings.

While TrackMeNot may not provide 100% protection against online tracking, it is certainly better than doing nothing or relying on proxies. It simulates keystrokes and offers query suggestions, improving your browsing experience while keeping your privacy intact.

With improved RSS seed editor and integration in Firefox, TrackMeNot offers a seamless and efficient solution for protecting your internet privacy. It also fixes selective click-through issues and ensures full search result page rendering. Additionally, you have the option to show the searching iFrame for enhanced control.

Experience the power of TrackMeNot and take control of your online privacy today.

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