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TrackID™ - Music Recognition is a must-have app for all music lovers and enthusiasts. Developed by Sony Mobile Communications, this free app for Android falls under the category of Music & Audio.

With TrackID™ - Music Recognition, you can easily identify any song that catches your ear. Its music identification feature allows you to quickly find the name and artist of a song by simply holding your phone up to the audio source. Whether you're listening to music on the radio, at a party, or even in a crowded place, this app will instantly recognize the track and provide you with the necessary information.

One of the standout features of TrackID™ - Music Recognition is its real-time functionality. It delivers mind-blowing results by providing accurate and instant song recognition. Say goodbye to those moments of frustration when you can't remember the name of a catchy tune playing in the background.

Additionally, this app offers online music identification, allowing you to find songs that are not stored locally on your device. It's a convenient feature for those who want to discover new music or identify tracks from online platforms.

While TrackID™ - Music Recognition excels in its primary function of identifying songs, it also offers some additional features. For instance, it helps you find album art, enhancing your music listening experience. Moreover, it allows you to download music, making it easier to enjoy your favorite tracks offline.

If you're a music enthusiast who loves discovering new songs and artists, TrackID™ - Music Recognition is the perfect app for you. Its user-friendly interface and impressive music identification capabilities make it a must-have tool on your Android device.

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