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Tracker - My Package Tracking APK is a file that allows users to track their parcels in real time. This free shipment tracking tool supports various shopping platforms such as Ali Express, Amazon, and Walmart, and has partnered with logistic services like DHL and LaserShip for global shipping coverage.

With Tracker, users can add their parcel's tracking details by entering the tracking number or connecting their Gmail, Outlook, or supported online shopping accounts. The app will then synchronize and display the order and tracking data accurately and updated. However, users have the option to disable order synchronization if desired.

The app provides notifications for different delivery statuses, allowing users to stay informed about their parcel's progress. Additionally, Tracker displays the package's location on a map and notifies users about discount vouchers released by their favorite shops.

While Tracker - My Package Tracking offers convenience and real-time tracking, it's important to manage expectations. Shipping updates may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, and some users have reported issues with delayed notifications or retrieving Amazon order data. There is also a possibility of shipments being delivered to the wrong address.

In summary, Tracker - My Package Tracking is a useful tool for customers to monitor their parcel's location and delivery status. It provides the ability to claim merchant vouchers and customize notification settings. However, users should be aware of potential delays in shipping updates.

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