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Stadium Renovator is an exciting PC simulation game developed by Nesalis Games. In this premium management title, players will have the opportunity to own and manage their very own stadium. The objective of the game is to buy abandoned sporting facilities and renovate them into profitable businesses for hosting sporting events.Similar to the popular Gas Station Simulator, Stadium Renovator challenges players to transform neglected properties into something worthwhile. As the owner, you will need to make strategic decisions in order to find the best sporting facilities to restore to their former glory. This includes tasks such as cleaning the stands, replacing damaged grass, and repairing broken installations.One of the main challenges in Stadium Renovator is determining which new installations to add to the stadium in order to maximize profits. Each facility will have different requirements, and it will be up to you to make the right choices to attract big matches and events from around the world.Stadium Renovator offers a unique and immersive experience for sports enthusiasts. While online streaming has made it convenient to watch matches from home, there is nothing quite like being physically present at a stadium to fully appreciate the atmosphere and excitement. This simulator allows players to create their own stadium and host their favorite sporting events, all while establishing a profitable business.Please note that Stadium Renovator is not yet released, but you can request access via its Steam page to be notified when it becomes available. So, get ready to buy, renovate, and profit in this exciting stadium management simulation game.

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