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Soundflower is a versatile audio routing solution that allows you to channel audio from one application to another. With this free system extension, you can easily record audio from your web browser, Skype or FaceTime interviews, frequency generation tools, and more.

Despite encountering difficulties in keeping pace with Mac audio architecture changes, Soundflower still works effectively. The installation process may be challenging, but once successfully installed, the extension runs with low latency and CPU usage, ensuring it doesn't negatively impact your computer's performance.

Configuring and using Soundflower is relatively straightforward. After installing the extension, you can find it listed in the Output and Input tabs of the Sound panel in System Preferences. By selecting Soundflower as the Output audio, you can channel all sound from your Mac through Soundflower.

When it comes to capturing the audio, you can use applications like QuickTime and GarageBand. Simply configure the application to record Soundflower's audio, and you're ready to capture the desired sound.

It's important to note that when you choose Soundflower as your Mac's audio output, you won't be able to hear the sound through attached speakers or headphones. However, alternative software like Audio Highjack Pro or Audio Recorder can help you overcome this limitation.

Overall, Soundflower is an effective and free inter-application audio driver that provides a quick and elegant solution for routing audio between applications. Despite some installation challenges and a lack of user guidance, it offers good-quality audio for various recording needs.

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