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Simple Sticky Notes is a free note-taking application for PCs that allows you to jot down important information on your screen. With this software, you can easily get rid of offline post-it notes and enjoy a range of utilities to make note-taking effortless and fun. The user-friendly interface of Simple Sticky Notes allows you to print, copy, and share notes anytime you want. You can customize each note by changing its size, color, transparency, and font according to your preference. The app also provides various themes, reminder tones, and other personalization functions to make your note-taking experience more enjoyable. When you take notes on paper, there is always a risk of losing important information. Simple Sticky Notes offers a simple solution by providing digital post-it notes for your PC. Since its release in 2000, this application has been praised for its features, minimal interface, and ease of use. Using Simple Sticky Notes is easy. After downloading and launching the software, you can create a new note by clicking on the 'New Note' option in the system tray. You can move the sticky note around the screen by dragging it from one corner to another. Deleting a note is just as simple, and you can also hide notes that are considered unuseful. One of the best features of Simple Sticky Notes is its customization options. You can choose from multiple fonts and colors to make each note distinct and easy to find. The app also allows you to give a title to the note, change its transparency level, set reminders, and adjust the size according to your preference. In addition to customization, Simple Sticky Notes offers various themes that go beyond simple note-taking. You can choose from options like bubbles, stone, concrete, desert, Christmas, and more. The app also lets you change the tone of reminders and use formatting options like bold, italics, and underline. Organizing notes with Simple Sticky Notes is a pain-free process. Unlike other similar applications, this software lists all notes according to the date they were created, making it easy to browse through and delete or hide the ones you no longer need. You can also print notes or share them with others via email, Facebook, or WhatsApp. Simple Sticky Notes is a lightweight application that can be easily downloaded on any Windows computer. It works well on all Windows versions, including Vista, XP, and Windows 8. However, it is currently only available for Windows desktops and not for Android, iOS, or Mac users. The latest version of Simple Sticky Notes offers additional features and bug fixes, including the ability to print multiple notes at once and view hidden notes in the system tray. It is also more stable and provides improved performance and usability. Simple Sticky Notes is completely free to download and use, with no premium features or advertisements. It provides a convenient and customizable way to take notes on your PC, making it a valuable tool for organizing and managing important information.

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