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Ridmik Keyboard APK is a utility tool that allows you to type Bangla phonetics on your Android smartphone or tablet. Developed by Ridmik Labs, this keyboard companion offers various layouts, including Avro, Probhat, and Jatiyo, giving you the freedom to choose and effortlessly switch among them.

One of the key features of Ridmik Keyboard is its highly customizable nature. It provides predictive suggestions and voice typing, making it easier and faster for you to type your messages. Additionally, the app offers a range of colorful themes, allowing you to personalize the keyboard to match your preferences. It also includes a collection of emojis and a number pad for your convenience.

Ridmik Keyboard supports a clipboard where you can view your recently copied texts. You can also customize the keyboard's height in both landscape and portrait mode, and even set a large or small number row as the fifth row on your keyboard. Furthermore, the app allows you to move your cursor using the space key when switching languages with the globe button.

Aside from Bangla phonetics, Ridmik Keyboard also supports Arabic and Chakma languages as add-ons. Rest assured that all your activities and data are secure, as Ridmik Keyboard does not collect any personal information and respects your right to privacy.

If you frequently use Bangla phonetics, Ridmik Keyboard is a great option to enhance your typing experience on your Android device. With its seamless and secure typing features, you can enjoy a smooth and efficient typing experience in Bangla, Arabic, and Chakma languages.

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