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PSD Viewer is a versatile and user-friendly program designed to view and convert PSD files, which are Photoshop Documents with the .PSD extension. With this free software, users can easily open and explore PSD files without the need for Adobe Photoshop or any other expensive image editing software.

As PSD files are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to store additional information like layers, masks, and color profiles, it is essential to have a reliable tool to view and manipulate them. PSD Viewer offers a simple and intuitive interface, allowing users to open PSD files either through the file browser or by dragging and dropping them directly onto the viewer.

Once a PSD file is loaded, users can zoom in and out, resize, rotate, and navigate through the image effortlessly. The program also provides the option to convert and save the PSD file into various common image formats, ensuring compatibility with other software and devices.

PSD Viewer lives up to its name by providing a hassle-free solution for viewing and basic editing of PSD files. However, for more advanced editing features, it is recommended to purchase Adobe Photoshop or explore alternative free software options capable of handling PSD files.

Experience the convenience and simplicity of PSD Viewer today, and effortlessly view and convert your PSD files without any hassle.

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