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MyTIM APK is a free Android app developed by TelecomItalia. It is designed to provide users with convenient control over their prepaid mobile lines and fixed lines.

With MyTIM, users can easily check their balance, make payments, and modify their account settings. The app also offers additional features such as the ability to save preferred payment methods, track orders, and access exclusive TIM offers.

One of the standout features of MyTIM is the integration with TIM Party. This allows users to take advantage of discounted smartphone purchases and participate in contests with exclusive prizes and surprises.

MyTIM is not limited to just mobile lines, as it also allows users to supervise and manage their fixed lines. This includes the ability to make online top-ups and activate the automatic Top-Up service.

Overall, MyTIM APK provides a user-friendly and convenient platform for TelecomItalia customers to manage their prepaid mobile lines and fixed lines. With its range of features and integration with TIM Party, it offers a comprehensive solution for all your telecom needs.

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