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Mr.TomatoS is an intriguing feeding simulation game that will take you on a bizarre and hilarious journey. Developed by OXTORD games, this free game brings back the nostalgia of old web flash games with its unique style and humor.

The gameplay is simple yet challenging. Your main objective is to keep Mr. Tomato happy by feeding him the food he desires. However, there are twists and challenges along the way that make the game more exciting. Be careful not to feed him the wrong food, as it can have unexpected consequences. You can also reset the game to explore different endings.

The art style of Mr.TomatoS is intentionally sloppy and sketchy, reminiscent of MS Paint. While it may not be visually appealing, it adds to the game's charm and humor. The gameplay itself is straightforward, although the instructions can be confusing for first-time players due to the various elements involved.

To navigate through the game, you will use your mouse. The left mouse button is used to grab and drop food items, either to feed Mr. Tomato or to use the blender. You can combine different food items in the blender, but not all of them can be blended together. Additionally, you can only mix two things at a time.

As you progress in the game, you earn points for making Mr. Tomato happy. These points can be used to purchase items in the shop, which you can visit after each round. However, be prepared for hidden food items that are concealed in bags, requiring you to guess the right one. Making mistakes will make Mr. Tomato angry, and if his anger reaches a certain point, he transforms into a devil tomato.

Aside from the feeding aspect, you also need to manage your resources effectively. Ensuring you have enough ingredients to satisfy Mr. Tomato's cravings and complete levels is crucial. Running out of ingredients or making too many mistakes can lead to a very angry and scary tomato, which you definitely want to avoid.

It's important to note that the game itself is relatively short, taking around half an hour to finish. Additionally, you can only play it once, unless you choose to purchase Mr.TomatoS++, which unlocks the option to reset your progress and discover all of Mr. TomatoS' endings.

In conclusion, Mr.TomatoS is a fun and entertaining game that starts off easy but gradually becomes more challenging. The addition of mystery items adds a twist to the gameplay, and the transformation of Mr. Tomato into a monster with a devil's voice adds a scary element. Download Mr. TomatoS for free and embark on this unique feeding simulation adventure.

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