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MLM Downline Manager is a powerful software designed specifically for the Multilevel Marketing (MLM) industry. Whether you are a new startup MLM company, an MLM leader, or a brand new MLM member, this software has everything you need to manage your MLM business effectively.With MLM Downline Manager, you can easily calculate commissions, replicate shopping carts, create invoices from your webshop or back office, and manage your genealogy, tasks, calendar, and documents. The software also offers inventory management and a custom compensation plan feature.One of the key features of MLM Downline Manager is its shopping cart replication capability. This allows your members to access the database stored on the internet from anywhere, making it convenient for them to manage their business on the go.The software supports various types of compensation plans, including unilevel, matrix, and binary. Additionally, for customers of the Enterprise version, there is an option to develop a custom compensation plan free of charge.

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