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Introducing MiMoji APK, a mobile keyboard function app designed exclusively for Xiaomi phones. This innovative app utilizes facial recognition and augmented reality technology to bring animated emojis to life on your screen. Similar to Apple iPhone's Memoji app, MiMoji allows you to create personalized animated emojis that mimic your facial gestures using the front camera.

As an animoji app, MiMoji offers a seamless user experience. Simply choose your desired animoji, hit record, and let your creativity flow. Whether you want to send a voice message or create a hilarious video with funny faces, MiMoji has got you covered. The app even features a voice modulator that allows you to customize your voice recordings.

Sharing your creations is a breeze with MiMoji. You can easily share your animated emojis via popular messaging apps, ensuring that your friends and family can enjoy your entertaining creations.

One of the best things about MiMoji is that it comes pre-installed on Xiaomi phones, eliminating the need to download additional apps. This default function ensures that you can start using MiMoji right away without any hassle.

Experience the fun and creativity of animated emojis with MiMoji APK. Download now and let your imagination run wild!

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