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Experience the thrilling world of organized crime in Mafia III: Rivals. Take on the role of a mob boss in the gritty city of New Bordeaux and rise to the top through ruthless RPG strategy and combat. This is not your typical role-playing game!

Start as a low-level crime boss and work your way up by recruiting members, building your family, and equipping them with weapons, items, and vehicles that you earn or steal. Manage your empire by purchasing fronts for cash flow and defend your turf against rival bosses who want to take you down. Your brutality and mercilessness will be rewarded as you climb over the competition to become the most powerful mob boss in the city.

With deep customization and an extensive item system, you'll have hours of fun building up your crew member by member. Engage in 3D combat and when you feel ready, challenge your friends to online battles. Enjoy endless entertainment on your Android mobile device, all for free!

Be the ultimate mob boss in New Bordeaux. Use your cunning and strategy to outwit your rivals and establish yourself as the most dangerous crime lord in the city. With immersive RPG gameplay and a brutal world, Mafia III: Rivals allows you to embrace the dark side and become the best of the worst.

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