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HOUSE HUNTED is an immersive horror visual novel developed by Scopophobia Studios. Step into the shoes of a prospective homeowner as you embark on a seemingly ordinary journey of finding a new place to live. However, be prepared for a spine-chilling twist as your decisions can lead you down a path filled with terrifying encounters with a literal monster.

The game offers a striking contrast between its nice, idyllic scenery and its darker premise, creating a truly immersive and unsettling experience. With its use of urban, photographic settings and a pop art-style approach for its characters, HOUSE HUNTED delivers a unique and visually captivating horror experience that will leave indie game fans on the edge of their seats.

As you explore the suburban town, you will encounter a mysterious "agent" who sets the stage for an increasingly creepy narrative. The tension in the game fluctuates between moments of fear and false security, keeping you engaged and on your toes throughout the gameplay.

The modern pop-art character designs give the game an urban feel, making it relatable to those who grew up in cities or suburbs. Meeting a wide variety of characters, each with their distinct designs, adds to the uneasy atmosphere and sense of dread that permeates the game.

While the playthrough is relatively short, with one ending achievable in less than fifteen minutes, HOUSE HUNTED offers multiple endings that make the game highly replayable. Each playthrough uncovers new details and offers a fresh perspective, providing an incentive to unlock all the different endings.

Although the English dialogue could benefit from some additional work, this minor flaw is easily forgivable considering the overall quality of the game. HOUSE HUNTED is a memorable and relatable horror experience that will leave a lasting impression on fans of indie games.

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