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House Flipper is a downloadable file that offers a unique and immersive home renovation experience. In this simulation game, you take on the role of a one-person renovation crew, tasked with cleaning, fixing, and renovating houses to earn cash. As you progress in the game, you unlock more skills and tools to enhance your abilities.

The House Flipper DLC is a purchasable simulator game published by PlayWay, Frozen District, Empyrean, and other developers. It also offers the Garden Flipper DLC, which allows you to manage overgrown lawns on the properties. You can start by gardening your own yard, pulling weeds, purchasing plants, and gravel, and using a hose to spray water. The game's laptop allows you to receive job requests from people in need of your services.

House Flipper is available on various platforms, including Android, Apple Mac, Linux, Microsoft Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It is optimized for 64-bit processors and operating systems, and it can also be played on mobile devices.

In the game, you begin with an unruly lawn and a dirty shed. Your first task is to dispose of the trash blocking the door and clean up the cluttered rooms inside the houses. You can pick up bottles, cans, plates, and silverware to clear the space. Once the rooms are free of trash, you can use the mopping tool to wipe away greasy messes and rearrange the furniture for a more organized look.

Completing assignments and tasks in the game earns you money, which you can use to take on more commissioned chores and sell properties and items. The ultimate goal is to become wealthier by buying, renovating, and selling properties. Potential buyers in the game will provide preferences for the home's interior, and you can listen to their input to secure a successful sale.

House Flipper also offers a scanner tool that allows you to instantly sell unwanted items for extra money. You can use the virtual tablet to furnish and decorate the empty rooms, choosing from various decorating styles available in the catalogs. The tablet also allows you to make purchases for plants, radiators, and other items.

The game provides a realistic and entertaining experience, combining technical and creative aspects of property management. With consistent updates from the developers, including new DLC and bug fixes, House Flipper continues to offer an immersive and enjoyable gameplay experience.

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