Happy’s Humble Burger Barn 1.0

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Experience a surreal nightmare in Happy's Humble Burger Barn, a free fast food restaurant horror simulation game. Developed by Scythe Dev Team, this low-poly horror game offers an unsettling vibe that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

In Happy's Humble Burger Barn, you play as a new employee at a burger shop, working the night shift all by yourself. Your job is simple: follow the instructions on the top-right corner and the restaurant policies scattered throughout the place. As both the fry cook, cashier, and security, you'll serve customers at your own pace without the pressure of a timer.

Despite its grainy and dirty-looking graphics, the game evokes a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of PS1/PSX-era games. The controls are simple, allowing you to explore the surprisingly-detailed environment at your own leisure.

However, don't let the easy gameplay distract you from the horror lurking within the burger joint. Happy's Humble Burger Barn is no ordinary place, and you'll soon discover its unsettling secrets. With immersive music, sound design, and voice-acting, the game creates a truly creepy atmosphere enhanced by its low-poly resolution.

Happy's Humble Burger Barn brings a unique retail horror experience to life, adding to the developer's Scythe Saga Universe of horror games. If you enjoyed the restaurant simulator side of the game, there's even an Endless Mode available. Although the adventure is short and lacks customization options, this indie game is highly recommended for horror enthusiasts.

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