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GTools - Story Video Saver is a versatile utility tool designed to enhance your social media experience. With its sleek interface and a wide range of essential features, this free-to-download app is a valuable companion for social media enthusiasts.

One of the standout features of GTools is its ability to download and save content from Instagram. Whether it's Reels videos, profile posts, or stories, you can conveniently access and enjoy your favorite content offline. The app also offers a Stories downloader, allowing you to view stories anonymously from the people you follow.

In addition to content downloading, GTools provides several features that enhance creative expression and engagement. You can cut your photos into visually appealing grids using the grid types feature, adding a unique touch to your posts. The Color Picker feature allows you to extract colors from any image on your device, providing inspiration for your social media content.

With the Profile Photo Downloader, you can easily search and download high-definition profile photos of any account. The Stylish Text Generator offers over 100 fancy and decorative font styles, allowing you to add a creative touch to your bio. The app also includes an AI-powered hashtag generator based on photos, making it effortless to discover relevant and trending hashtags.

Furthermore, GTools enables you to create visually appealing profile picture borders, enhancing your display picture. The built-in gallery brings all your downloaded media to one convenient location, ensuring easy access and organization.

Please note that GTools is not affiliated with the official Instagram app.

Experience a feature-rich social media toolkit with GTools - Story Video Saver. Download now and elevate your social media experience with its user-friendly interface and essential features.

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