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Gallery APK is a versatile mobile tool that allows you to effortlessly view and edit your images and videos on your mobile device. Developed by SB studio, this file viewer application offers enhanced functionality compared to your default Gallery app, providing you with more customization options through its editor tool.

While Gallery may seem similar to other image-viewing apps, its user experience sets it apart. However, some users have reported issues with the frequent pop-up ads that appear within the app.

Experience enhanced functionality with Gallery APK. While the default Gallery app on your mobile device is sufficient for most users, Gallery offers additional features and customization options. It supports various file formats, allowing you to easily view and edit images. You can resize, crop, apply filters, add stickers, and even draw on your images using the touchscreen. If you're looking for more tools and functionality, Gallery by SB studio has got you covered.

Gallery by SB studio includes a range of familiar features, such as an HD photo editor that enables you to apply beautiful filter effects, resize and crop images, add stylized texts with different fonts, and insert stickers. Additionally, you can create special animated galleries and photo albums. The app also functions as a camera, providing quick access to your photos while capturing the perfect shot.

Not limited to image files, Gallery also supports video playback and editing. However, the video-editing capabilities are somewhat limited compared to those for images. Furthermore, the app offers a Gallery Lock and Photo Vault feature, allowing you to hide selected files from prying eyes. Keep in mind that navigating through the app may result in frequent ads. To remove ads, you can opt for the Pro version.

Overall, Gallery by SB studio is a useful utility for mobile devices. It offers impressive photo and video-editing capabilities and provides file protection if needed. However, the presence of frequent ads can be a bit bothersome.

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