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Flip4Mac is a file that allows you to play WMV or WMA files on your Mac. It is a Microsoft endorsed solution and is now available in its final version 3.0. This version has been completely rewritten to meet the requirements of OS X 10.7 and 10.8.One of the main features of Flip4Mac 3.0 is the option to install Microsoft Silverlight, which is Microsoft's alternative to Adobe Flash. Although not necessary, having Silverlight installed can be useful for streaming events that use Silverlight to deliver content.Flip4Mac is the most logical choice for Mac users who need to play WMV files, especially since it is officially endorsed by Microsoft and can be considered the official Windows Media Player for Mac. It not only functions as a plugin for QuickTime but also introduces its own player called Flip Player.The free version of Flip Player has a clean and unobtrusive interface, with controls only appearing when the mouse cursor is moved over the video. It also includes a "Dim Lights" feature that darkens the surroundings to focus on the video. The player has enhanced playback controls, slow motion options, and supports keyboard shortcuts.Flip Player also offers powerful features such as the ability to crop, rotate, scale, and trim videos, which are not available in QuickTime X. It can also convert and export WMV videos for iMovie and Final Cut Pro without compromising quality. Additionally, it allows users to export sound from videos as iPhone ringtones and provides trimming features to refine the sound.To access the general plugin settings of Flip4Mac 3.0, users can go to the Mac system preferences and find the options under "Other". The plugin settings include configurations for the Flip Player media browser, upgrades, updates, and more.It is important to note that Flip4Mac 3.0 is not compatible with OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, as it is designed for the newer versions of OS X. However, it features improved 64-bit support for OS X 10.7 and 10.8, although the QuickTime video components remain 32-bit.Overall, Flip4Mac 3.0 with Flip Player is a powerful solution for playing WMV and Windows Media files on Mac. It offers features that are not available in the free version of QuickTime and is well-designed to match the look of OS X. However, some users may find it lacking certain features of QuickTime and not as polished as Apple's player.

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