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Fighting Tiger - Liberal APK is an exciting 3D combat game developed by Jiin Feng. In this action-packed mobile game, you take on the role of a gang member who must fight his way through his fellow members in order to escape.The gameplay mechanics of Fighting Tiger - Liberal will remind you of classic fighting games from the PlayStation One era, such as Fighting Force. You can perform various maneuvers, combos, and special attacks to defend yourself against your opponents. Additionally, some enemies will wield weapons that you can seize and utilize to your advantage.The main objective of the game is to fight for your life and protect your loved ones. However, a single mistake could cost you everything. You can engage in intense battles using different combat methods like Kung Fu, Chinese swords, Bajiquan, Sanda, and even guns to swiftly knock out your opponents. Kicks are particularly powerful when attacking your adversaries.Keep an eye on your energy level, displayed at the top of the screen. Each time you are attacked, your energy decreases. If it reaches zero, you lose a life. Certain weapons can instantly kill your enemies with a single blow. You can also disarm your opponents and turn their own weapons against them.Featuring an easy-to-use interface and multiple control options, Fighting Tiger - Liberal allows you to quickly grasp the gameplay mechanics. The stunning 3D graphics will captivate gamers of all kinds, especially those who enjoy fighting games. However, it is worth noting that this game does not offer a multiplayer mode, which may disappoint some players seeking a more engaging experience.Despite its few flaws, Fighting Tiger - Liberal is a highly enjoyable fighting game with visually appealing graphics and straightforward controls that can keep you entertained for hours. While the absence of multiplayer mode may be a drawback, it is still worth trying out when you're looking for a simple and entertaining game to pass the time.

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