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Experience the thrill of launching your favorite VTuber, IRyS, into the sky in the exciting simulation game, Delivering Hope. Developed by David Wu SoftDev, this fan-made game allows you to test your throwing skills and see how far you can propel IRyS.

Delivering Hope is part of the growing trend of indie games featuring popular VTubers from hololive production. Similar to HoloCure and FLARE NUINUI QUEST, this game incorporates audio clips and references from IRyS's own streams, adding an extra layer of familiarity for fans.

The gameplay is incredibly simple, requiring only one button to play. By clicking at the right time, you can determine the direction and strength of your throw. Once in the air, you have three additional clicks to give you a boost and keep IRyS soaring. Be on the lookout for powerups that can enhance your flight, but watch out for obstacles that can slow you down or halt your progress.

Delivering Hope offers a casual yet entertaining experience, with humorous sound effects and animations adding to the fun. For those seeking an extra challenge, there are achievements to collect. Can you beat your best record and unlock them all?

While the game is straightforward, it's worth noting that the click sensitivity can be frustrating at times. Getting the timing right for your initial throw and subsequent boosts may require a few extra clicks.

Whether you're a fan of hololive production or simply enjoy casual games, Delivering Hope is a program that delivers on entertainment. Challenge yourself to reach new distances and enjoy the audio clips from IRyS as she soars through the sky. Download now and let your favorite VTuber take flight!

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