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Class of '09 is an intriguing social simulation game that revolves around the life of Nicole, a 16-year-old girl who is navigating her final years of high school. However, Nicole's journey is far from ordinary, as she carries the weight of a messy parental divorce and numerous transfers, which have shaped her into a cynical and tough individual.

In this game, players will accompany Nicole as she enters a new school and creates chaos in the lives of her potential suitors. Similar to visual novels, Class of '09 involves decision-making that directly impacts the plot. However, what sets it apart is the inclusion of voice acting, which adds an immersive element to the gameplay. While the visual representation may be relatively simple, the focus on audio enhances the overall experience.

Class of '09 is primarily a comedy that follows Nicole's unconventional approach to high school life. Rather than conforming to the typical student experience, she mocks, manipulates, and coasts her way through until graduation, all while avoiding expulsion or any other unfortunate circumstances. The game does not have a comprehensive plot or purpose, but instead offers four isolated routes and 15 different endings.

Unlike traditional visual novels, Class of '09 prioritizes humor over making the right decisions. This may be frustrating for players seeking a more story-focused experience. However, the multitude of endings compensates for the relatively short duration of each route.

One notable aspect of the game is its audio-driven nature, resembling an audio drama rather than a traditional video game. The majority of the audio consists of pre-mixed MP3s and WebMs, with minimal integration of voiced lines, music, and sound effects. Unfortunately, the visual elements take a backseat, featuring a basic art style and blurred photograph backgrounds that may give the impression of a lower production value.

Overall, Class of '09 offers a unique experience within the visual novel genre. While it may not align with the typical story-focused approach, its audio-driven gameplay and comedic elements provide an enjoyable diversion. However, it falls short of its description as a rejection simulator, as rejection is not the primary focus. Additionally, the subpar visuals may detract from the overall experience, giving the game a somewhat cheap appearance.

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