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Beauty Box is a powerful skin retouching plugin for video that allows you to effortlessly enhance the appearance of skin in real-time. Developed by Digital Anarchy, this desktop tool is perfect for post-production processes, as it can automatically identify skin tones and apply masking to wrinkles, blemishes, and makeup issues in any HD or 4K video.

One of the standout features of Beauty Box is its digital makeup capabilities. With just three main controls, you can easily adjust the level of retouching you want, from subtle touch-ups to more airbrushed effects. The plugin also includes an automatic masking feature that adapts to your subject's movements and speech, ensuring consistent skin retouching throughout the video. By clicking "Analyze Frame," Beauty Box instantly analyzes your clip and sets the appropriate skin tones for tracking.

In addition to skin retouching, Beauty Box offers style presets that include visual effects and color correction options. These presets allow you to enhance your video footage with various looks and styles. The plugin also features built-in color correction tools to control and reduce shine caused by oily skin and bright lights.

Beauty Box is optimized for fast and real-time rendering, thanks to its support for CUDA and OpenCL. This means you can enjoy near-real-time playback with Nvidia and AMD graphics cards, resulting in a faster rendering process in any video editor host application or platform. With Beauty Box, you can quickly achieve the desired look and style for your video and easily make further edits if needed.

Overall, Beauty Box is a comprehensive enhancement plugin tool that saves you time during video post-production. It allows you to effortlessly retouch skin and apply various styles, making it suitable for feature films, music videos, commercials, and more.

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Beauty Box 4.0

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