BATTLEFIELD 4 Commander 2.2.0

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Download the Battlefield 4 Commander app for Android

Take command of the battlefield with the Battlefield 4 Commander app for Android. This powerful tool allows you to strategize and coordinate your team's actions in real-time, giving you the edge in the heat of battle.

With the Battlefield 4 Commander app, you can:

  • View the battlefield from a top-down perspective, giving you a tactical advantage
  • Issue commands to your squad and teammates, directing them to capture objectives or defend key positions
  • Deploy powerful assets such as vehicles, supplies, and airstrikes to support your team
  • Track the progress of your team and monitor the enemy's movements
  • Communicate with your squad and coordinate strategies using the in-app chat feature

Whether you're playing as a Commander or a soldier on the ground, the Battlefield 4 Commander app is an essential companion for any Battlefield 4 player. Download it now and take control of the battlefield!

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