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Baba Friend is a unique and charming simulation game for PC created by indie developer Hempuli. In this interactive title, players can enjoy the company of a quirky companion named Baba, who will roam around their desktop environment as they go about their daily tasks.

Developed by the same creator of the award-winning puzzle game Baba Is You, Baba Friend features the beloved Baba character in a different role. Instead of solving puzzles, players can now watch and interact with Baba as a virtual pet on their desktops.

The installation process is quick and easy, and soon enough, Baba will appear on your desktop. You can freely drag and drop Baba anywhere you like, or simply let it wander around your program title bars and window borders. If you want to customize Baba's appearance, the game supports custom sprites, and provides instructions on how to apply them from its download folder.

While Baba Friend is a delightful companion, there are a few minor issues that could be improved in future updates. Sometimes, Baba may disappear behind the taskbar and not reappear, and there may be graphical flickers when Baba falls down. However, these are minor glitches that can be easily fixed.

If you enjoy virtual desktop pets and have a fondness for the Baba character from Baba Is You, then Baba Friend is the perfect game for you. Whether you want to simply watch Baba's antics or interact with it, this game offers a charming and amusing experience. The option to customize Baba's appearance adds an extra touch of personalization. Give Baba Friend a try and enjoy the company of this adorable virtual pet!

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