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123D Design is a versatile CAD designer application developed by Autodesk. This free software offers a wide range of graphics designing tools to assist users in creating intricate 3D models. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced designer, this app provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the 3D creation and editing process.

With its seamless compatibility with most 3D printer models available in the market, 123D Design is an ideal choice for those looking to design and print their creations. The intuitive graphical user interface places the toolbox at the top of the screen, while the view tools are conveniently located beneath it, providing ample design space.

The toolbox icons are self-explanatory, and clicking on each icon reveals a list of related functions, eliminating any confusion. Unlike other model designing apps, 123D Design uses a click-and-place approach instead of drag-and-drop, making it more convenient for users. However, the drag-and-drop feature can still be utilized to refine the position of an item, depending on the camera's orientation.

The app's viewpoint handling is intuitive and effective, with a viewpoint cube available to highlight the active view. By clicking on any side or corner of the cube, users can easily switch to a different view. This feature is particularly useful when moving items in a specific direction. Additionally, the camera can be freely moved by holding the right-click button and moving the mouse.

123D Design also offers a kits button on the right side of the screen, providing access to a variety of ready-made parts categorized for different projects. These parts can be customized and grouped together to create a unique item.

While 123D Design shares similarities with Fusion 360, a more complex CAD designer, it serves as a simplified version of the latter. Some features found in Fusion 360, such as render, sculpt, and CAM modules, are not available in 123D Design. However, this does not diminish the value of 123D Design, as it offers a rich online database of user-created items that can be utilized and combined to create new designs. The app also supports opening, inserting, and saving meshes in STL and OBJ formats, making it easy to perform various operations between meshes.

123D Design is an excellent choice for beginners or those experimenting with CAD. Its user-friendly design and extensive collection of user-created items make it easier for novice designers to create simple prints. While it may not have the capabilities to handle complex designs, it caters to the needs of most printing enthusiasts. Best of all, this app is completely free to download and install on your computer.

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